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Save time on the tedious job of looking for images. I’ve recently stumbled upon It is a complete graphic focused search engine which seems to be a great resource for designers.

What makes Freepik unique is that it is specialized on free material, since it looks for images, photos, vectors and PSD with free license and professional quality. All of this job is done by Freepik’s robots, which visit hundreds of websites on a daily basis to keep their data updated.

They also offer some big discounts on paid resources from other websites. All of this makes freepik an interesting resource for new and veteran designers as well as bloggers looking to visually enhance their posts.

Anyone interested can access Freepik and know their huge resources offer at

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  1. That’s our bots job. They look for high quality images through the internet and add them to our website, if they’re free. There’s no possibility to submit custom content, unless it’s a deal or an offer, in which case you’d have to mail us with your collaboration proposal.

  2. Hi Felix,

    I need one question this post is very nice and i have also visit i really like the site could you please tell me how can i submit website into waiting your reply thanks.

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