Headline Writing – How to Come Up With Killer Titles for Your Articles

You have mastered the art of writing articles that people want to read. Now comes the hard part. You have to come up with a headline. Something that is going to jump out at them. Something that will make them want to read more. Something that reaches out and grabs them and doesn’t let go.

Here are five sure-fire ways to get people to notice your article’s title.

  • How I [do something] – This headline is just aching to be read. You are able to do something and your readers want to know how you do it. But make sure that the thing that you’re doing is logical and achievable. Otherwise you will lose credibility. Some examples would be:
    • How I get over 500 new visitors to my blog an hour
    • How I am making $100 daily
    • How I’m dominating Google’s first page
  • [Number] Reason You Must [do something]– You can give people guidelines to follow. But if you don’t tell them why they should follow them, then they won’t. These kinds of articles tell your readers exactly why they should do something. It also validates what you are telling them to do.
    • 5 Reasons You Must Reply to Blog Comments
    • 3 Reasons You Must Change Your Content Regularly
    • 4 Reasons You Must Research Keywords
  • [Number of] Truths About [a subject] – People want to know what is true instead of what is fake. So telling the truth about a subject is going to make visitors want to read on. Some examples of this type of article might be:
    • 5 Hidden Truths About Copywriting
    • 3 Little-known Truths About Monetizing Your Blog
    • 10 Amazing Truths About Making Money at Home
  • [Number of] Mistakes to Avoid in [something] – People hate making mistakes. So if you tell them the mistakes that they should avoid making, they are going to read on.
    • 10 Mistakes to Avoid in Website Traffic
    • 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Writing Content
    • 7 Mistakes to Avoid in Brand Building
  • [Number of] Secrets of [doing something] – Who doesn’t love a good, juicy secret? That’s because not everyone is privy to the information in a secret. That is why people will read on when you write a secrets article like the following:
    • 4 Secrets of Getting 500 New Visitors Each Hour
    • 8 Secrets of Getting More Likes on Facebook
    •  3 Secrets of Leaving Your Competition in the Dust

The samples that are listed above work wonders. But there are also four very powerful trigger words and phrases that can be used.

  • Cutting-Edge – Cutting edge is one of those phrases that no one can resist. This phrase can be used when you are talking about something experimental or brand new.
  • Bulletproof – This is a favorite because it’s failsafe. When you say something is bulletproof, you will have guaranteed readers.
  • Little-Known – This goes right along with the secrets that were mentioned before. People love learning things that are new or that others don’t know yet. It makes them feel as if they have an edge.
  • Simple-Yet-Effective – This one is a favorite because people want to read about things that are easy to do but that are going to work. When you write an article that includes the phrase simple-yet-effective in the title, it’s bound to be a crowd pleaser.

Writing the title of an article is something that many webmasters dread. The title is what makes people notice it. But when you use the simple-yet-effective, bulletproof, and cutting-edge ideas found here, you will have a bulletproof way to get people to read your articles.

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  1. Great post Sharon gives some great real world examples. I think getting people to click on your link is the biggest hurdle we face, the right title will win every time. I think sometimes I spend too much time on content and don’t pay enough attention to the title. Thanks for the reminder! :)

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