5 Big Advantages of Organizing Your Articles

Chances are that you have come across at least one recently. The title of an article catches your eye. It promises great things. It has information that you can use. But when you open up the article, you are disappointed. There’s no organization to the article. You don’t know where one idea starts and another one ends.  There are no subheadings to tell you what to expect.

I don’t know about you, but when this happens to me, I don’t even bother reading it.  I simply don’t have the time to pick through the ‘side dishes’ of the article. Give me the meat and let me devour it, then get on my way.

Lack of organization is one of the main reasons articles don’t get read.  People want to get to the gist of the article. They want to know what those tips are. They want them to be well thought out. They want them to be readable.

Let’s look at what organization offers to the reader.

  • Conciseness: An organized article is concise.  It gives the person those things that are promised in a way that’s easy to read.  If your article promises three tips for saving money, you should have your opening and closing paragraphs. But you should also have three paragraphs with either bullet points or subheadings to show the reader where those tips are.
  • A Roadmap: An organized article is a roadmap. When you are leading your reader into unexplored territory, you want to give them a roadmap, right? You want them to know where they are going.  Think of your subheadings and bullet points as landmarks along the way to their destination.
  • Quick Resolution: An organized article is quick resolution. Most people don’t have the time to put into reading a long article. They want to find the information that they need quickly. With organization, they can do this. Your bullet points and subheadings clearly show them where the good stuff is.

It’s easy to see why organization is good for your reader. But what about you? Is there something that organization can offer to you as the writer? Believe it or not, there is.

What article organization offers to you.

  • Thought Organization: An organized article helps you to keep on track with where your article is going.  When we were in school, we usually had to provide an outline when we were giving a report. Think of the subheadings and bullet points as your outline.
  • More Readers: An organized article offers you more readers. When your article is broken down by subheadings and bullet points, you will find more people are reading your article.  This is because they know where they are able to get the information they want without a lot of hassle.

When you organize your article well, both your readers and you will benefit. Your readers will find the information that they need in a concise way. They will have a roadmap, and they will have a fast resolution. You will find that you able to organize your thoughts and you will have more people reading the article.

Article organization through subheadings and bullet points is an important step to gaining more readers and establishing yourself as an expert in your niche.

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