SoSweetCreative, built with the RichWP FrameWork, featured on “CSS Awards”

I just got an email from Stephen Scaff that his site SoSweetCreative has been featured on CSSawards and is drawing massive attention & tweets on other design minded sites like like creattica.

SoSweet Creative has been built with the RichWP FrameWork and the RichCORP child theme.

RichWP was perfect for this portfolio project, as it allowed me to focus on the CSS and content and quickly bang out the site.
~ Stephen Scaff

Congratulations Steve!

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Felix Krusch - I founded RichWP in early 2009. I design, program and blog to streamline your WordPress based web development efforts.

One thought on “SoSweetCreative, built with the RichWP FrameWork, featured on “CSS Awards””

  1. Hi Felix

    Thats good news about SoSweet Creative using your RichWP FrameWork and RichCORP theme.

    Hope all the buzz going around it transmits into more awareness of your products. Your skills as a designer deserve wider recognition in the framework and theme marketplace.

    Keep up the good work.



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