25 Amazingly Creative & Unique Footer Designs

Often overlooked in design is the footer of the site, which may be the last thing the visitor sees before they decide to leave. The right eye-catching footer can reel people back in and give you a chance to connect with them in various ways your sidebars just can’t with their limited space.

Leonardo da Vinci said the human foot is a masterpiece of engineering. Some of these websites decided to make their blog’s “foot” a masterpiece in their own right. Some are minimal and offer creative ways to connect with the owner others are simply works of art that command your attention.

Below are some excellent examples of the endless possibilities of the footer space. Most of these websites are dripping with great design so be sure to savor the entire site when visiting instead of just scrolling down immediately.

Illustrated – These are the fanciest of the bunch, some being striking pieces of web art that help cap off an already visually stunning website. Most are extensions of the rest of the site but others offer a simple artistic flair that makes them unique.

Mark Forrester

The Pixel


Jayme Stone

Singularity Design

Illustrator’s Lounge

Bad Ass Ideas

Dean Oakley


Bloody Marie

From Me To You

Duirwaigh Studios


Launch Mind

Minimal But Useful – These follow a more traditional footer design but offer up some creative ways to engage the visitor. Including a contact form is a great idea for your footer, it allows you to drum up some additional business and connect with your readers.



Queer Lisboa


Hey Indy Design

Design Spartan

Behance Network

All For Design

Nybble Tech

Energy Cell Web Design


So, which one was your favorite? I hope these gave you some ideas on how to improve the bottom of your site.

2 thoughts on “25 Amazingly Creative & Unique Footer Designs”

  1. Footer design is probably the hardest part of getting the page together; it’s really easy for inspiration to run dry at the bottom. Lot of information to pack in to a limited space.

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