Maximise Ad and Affiliate Revenue with Geolocating Plugins

Geolocation Plugins or Affiliate Link Localizer

You run a successful blog, popular with readers in various countries around the world. But how do you make your content relevant?

The chances are your articles and related services are already ideal for most of your users, but what about adverts? Perhaps you have affiliate ads linking to products that are unavailable in some territories, or you might even need to publish an article or display some other content specifically for readers in a particular country.

A quick look around at some of the mainstream media and big corporation websites reveals that this is possible, so how might you incorporate this kind of targeting into WordPress?

What Is Geolocating, Exactly?

Geolocating is the term given to the act of determining the IP address range and location of your blog’s visitors. This information can then be used to target content at them.

For instance, you might run a blog from the UK, but want to target adverts at readers in the USA. While it is easy to setup a block of Adsense ads for this purpose, you might have an affiliate relationship with stores providing specific types of content.

By installing geolocation plugins you can ensure that readers in the UK see affiliate ads for businesses local to them while those in the USA will see advertisements appropriate to their country.

Here are three very useful plugins with which you can target content at readers from specific countries.

Targeted Content with GT-Geo Targeting

Using the plugin GT-Geo Targeting you can specify content to be displayed based on the location of the reader. Whether you’re showing country-specific adverts, images or text content, template tags and shortcodes are available with this plugin to make your strategy a reality.

For example, you might use the following shortcode in a post to display information only for readers in the United States: [geo-out country="us"]test[/geo-out]

The plugin also supports multiple countries. The following PHP code can be added to a template to display content for readers in the USA, Australia, Great Britain and India.

<?php if(WPGeo_IsFromCountry('United States,au,gb,India') == true)
//Content here

For more information on this plugin, visit the WordPress plugin site.

WordPress GeoTargeting Plugin

Another option is the paid, WordPress GeoTargeting Plugin, which you can purchase for $25.00 from

As with the GT-Geo Targeting plugin you can use shortcodes (known in this plugin as “quicktags”) to display information to users from particular countries which you can pre-select. Multiple countries can be specified at once, and the service uses a centralized database for keeping track of the various IP ranges that are used in different territories.

In addition, this plugin includes the option to forward visitors to a specific URL if they have arrived at your blog from a particular country. This might be useful for sending newcomers to a landing page, for instance, or a localized sub-domain.

What About Just Targeting Adverts?

If your content is pretty universal but you want to take advantage of affiliate relationships with companies in other countries, a great option is Ads By Country.

Available through the WordPress plugins menu (full details can be found at the WordPress plugins site) Ads By Country uses the MaxMind GeoIP JS Web Service to determine where readers of your blog are arriving from. This information is then used to display your chosen ad code.

Once installed, you can insert different advert code for the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia and the rest of the world, ensuring that those territories only see the adverts you want them to see. HTML can be included in the code, and the ads can be displayed as widgets in your sidebar.

This is a great, simple plugin for targeting adverts at users based on their location!

Effectively Target Your Users!

Geolocating tools aren’t just for showing off how slick and modern your blog is – they can be successfully employed to generate additional advertising income on your website.

If you’re one of the many users for whom Google Adsense doesn’t yield favourable results, for instance, you might use the Ads By Country plugin to specifically display adverts that are tailored by country.

Alternatively, WordPress GeoTargeting Plugin and GT-Geo Targeting are available for displaying text and image-based content in pages and posts specifically for readers from particular locations.

Do you have any geolocating tips, tricks or plugins that you use on your WordPress blog? Share them in the comments below!

8 thoughts on “Maximise Ad and Affiliate Revenue with Geolocating Plugins”

  1. Check out wp marketing suite as well.
    It allows you to geotarget content and links based on countries, states and cities. Better than that you can also target links and content based on mobile/desktop, new/recurring visitor, where they came from (referrer) and a whole bunch of other dimensions. You can even mash these up to create your own custom segments.

  2. Btw, I saw the website and it says: WordPress versions: from 2.8.4 to 3.2.1.

    Can you confirm if it works with the latest WordPress Version? WP 3.4.1?

  3. Hi Christian,

    Thanks for the tip. We checked the geo targeted ads by using a toolbar from Geoedge – and it seems to works great! Thanks!

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