Amazon Affiliate Program for Mobile Apps

Amazon Affiliate Program for Mobile Apps

The usage of mobile devices for online purchases has been increasing rapidly ever since this option became available to the general public. On the other hand, we are now using WordPress to build Web- and Mobile Apps and the Amazon web-store has been around for decades. Millions of companies and individuals have both sold and purchased items using this wonderful platform and the Amazon community is a very big one nowadays. Also, the development of different operative systems for different mobile phones has lead to an increasing number of demands related to mobile app development. All this has lead to what will be the topic of this article – Amazon’s web affiliate program for Android, IOS, Windows 8 apps, as well as any other operative system on mobile and tablet devices.

What is Amazon affiliate?

First of all, this program has been around for quite some time now. Basically, it functions as a widget that you put on your website. You can check out how they look like here. When a user follows the link, he or she is taken directly to Amazon – to the product that is displayed in the image. But, here’s the catch – your website doesn’t earn only a percentage from that particular product, but if the user sticks around Amazon and purchases something different, if he or she came to Amazon from your affiliate link, you get a percentage from every purchase this person makes.

Let’s explain. Let’s say you have a blog and you posted an article about child safety. On the top right corner (for example), you implement an Amazon affiliate link that features certain child safety gear. The person clicks there, goes to Amazon’s page and then he or she realizes that this is an excellent opportunity to purchase a great big plasma TV. If he or she chooses to do so, you will get a certain percentage of that TV’s overall price. Keep in mind that this is a generic example, but I hope you get the picture.

Let’s get back to the topic at hand

In August 2013, this affiliate program was introduced to app and game developers for all mobile and tablet devices. This means that developers can implement an Amazon affiliate link within the app they are making. So, while they are using the app, users have the option to go directly to Amazon to purchase something, whether it is related to the app or not. Developers earn as much as 6% of every product they help get purchased.

The people working at Amazon have, as a company, tried to do all that is in their power to increase these in-app sales. First, they gave half a million impressions to developers and they also developed the App-store Coins Reward program.

Now, let’s take a look at some hard facts

First of all, the popularity of each and every mobile or tablet device is closely connected to the options a user has, when it comes to apps. A long time ago, if you remember the Nokia 3210 phone – this phone was extremely popular partly because you had the option to play a game of Snakes. Loads of kids used to carry these phones around and brag about their high score. Nowadays, the public is more spoiled and they want the best experience they can have. That is why app development is extremely important for each and every device.

Amazon offers a software development kit which each and every developer can utilize and implement an affiliate link directly in the app, while it is loading for instance. So, developers can use Amazon’s own tools to help them in the development process.

Now, if you look at the numbers, up until now, app stores have had over 100 billion hits and the amount of money that has been earned in these transactions is well over 25 billion dollars.

So, as you can deduce, all this functions as a way to help developers earn a bit of extra cash on the side by helping Amazon function better. Giving the fact that most apps are developed and put on the net for free download, this affiliate option is actually pretty good.

So, to sum up, if you are someone who is in the mobile app development business, you should take this text seriously and you should indulge in some further research and ask your friend Google a few questions in order to find out more. If you are not a programmer, well, now you know a couple more things.

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