Showcase: Best Restaurant Websites

While restaurants can be known to have poorly designed, flash-filled web pages, a few have strayed away from this stereotype. Below I have listed my top five restaurant websites based on their looks and functionality. These websites feature clean designs and awesome color schemes that can be used to inspire anyone looking to build a site of their own!

Smash Burger

Smashburger - Best Restaurant Websites
Smash Burger’s site is a very sleek combination of reds, grays and browns. These subtle colors are easy on the eyes and the font used throughout the site is very clear and easy-to-read. The site features an oversized image rotator on the homepage, giving the website a really classy feel while adding just the right bit of flare.

Potbelly Sandwiches

Potbelly - Best Restaurant Websites
Vintage is the new cool, and Potbelly’s decided to fully embrace this idea from top-to-bottom. I’m a huge fan of this look as it accurately displays the company’s culture and style. The menu bars are clean and only appear when hovered over. Whatever restaurant facts you may be looking for are clearly listed at the top of the site in cool-looking boxes.


Giraffe - Best Restaurant Website Design
The Giraffe site is absolutely stunning. Giraffe features lovely bright blues, tans and whites. The beautiful image slider on the homepage really brings the site together and is put to good use. Coupons and pricing are visible when you first open the website, sparing you the task of having to find the location of the “coupon” button. Perhaps the most awesome feature is the social media integration: Giraffe uses breathtaking social media buttons and Flickr integration.

Pizzeria Uno

Unos - Best Restaurant Web Design
While Uno’s website may seem very structured and basic, I’m a fan. The different shades of tan really bring the site together. The rollover animations blend in nicely with the design. The only downside to this site is the Flash-based image rotator; while it may look nice, it cannot load on most mobile devices.

Mon Ami Gabi

Mon Ami Gabi - Best Restaurant Website Design
Mon Ami Gabi may have the best restaurant webpage on the web! Once you have chosen your location, you’re greeted with an image rotator and a map. Both are designed with excellence and match the rest of the site. The website features colors such as light blue, red and yellow–this color scheme is perfect as it accurately portrays the restaurant’s French roots.

Restaurant WordPress Theme

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  1. love the smashburger website, was looking for inspiration for a new project, looks very cool and web 2.0. thanks for posting this.


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