Full Screen Background Image Website Showcase

While doing my research for developing the Elvis WordPress Theme I was surprised how many sites with full screen background images have won web design awards. As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Enjoy my hunt for good examples of websites with large photo backgrounds:

1. World of Swiss

swiss - fullscreen image background

2. Filter Surfboards

filter fullscreen image background website

3. Tatchies


4. Tinquer


5. Davidia


6. Guerre 1914 – 1918


7. Julia Gavrilova

julia fullscreen-photo-background

8. XO Festival



Raww - large photo background

10. Roux at Parliament Sq.

roux at parliament square

11. National Opera Ballet

opera - fullscreen-photo-background

12. DOCK

dock - fullscreen photo background

If you want to have a well designed theme for your WordPress blog which makes it easy to set up a full screen background image, check my latest development:

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