Inspiration: Vintage/Grunge Web Styles

In the web world, we are surrounded with different types of web styles. One  common web design style today is the grunge/vintage look. These sites usually consist of dark colors with bright accents. If done right, these sites can look absolutely amazing.

Below I have crafted a list of my favorite grunge and vintage websites. These sites look exceptional because of their simplicity and color schemes. We hope this article inspires you to make the best site possible using the Design Options Panel of the RichWP Themes.

Studio Bennett

Studio Bennett features a beautiful array of muddy greens, tans and black colors.  This color scheme blends perfectly with the vintage camera and phone icons which are located on the lower half of the home page. The image rotator on the homepage really completes the look of this site. I’m a huge fan of the fonts that are used on Studio Bennett. While the fonts may seem understated, they keep things simple.

Potbelly Sadwhiches

We covered Potbelly Sandwhich’s on our Best Resturant Websites showcase. When writing, I mentioned that it has an awesome, vintage look. This is because it features old, rustic signs for nav-buttons and a wooden sign as the background. This really brings the site together.

The Letter

The Letter is anything but low-profile. While I’m usually not a fan of “flashy” websites, The Letter has done it right. Their background features a paper-towel like texture and really stands out. The font on this webpage fits The Letter’s strange culture and personality. Overall, I think The Letter is doing over-stated in the right way.

Elan Snowboards


The Elan Snowboards site is on the verge of being vintage. I like to call this style of website a “grunge” site more than anything. Nevertheless, I’ve decided to add it to this list anyway. This is because color scheme is absolutely stunning. Elan has decided to use a mix bright yellows, whites, blacks and grays. This mix definitely shows off their snowboarding culture and style.

Spoon Graphics

Spoon Graphics features an amazingly low-profile image rotator that covers the width of the page. This image rotator blends in so well that you barely know it’s there, until the image changes. The font choices are great as well. Finally, the navigation bar at the top of the screen is absolutely beautiful. The rollover effects blend in perfectly and the logo is very subtle.

Thanks for checking out the RichWP blog. I hope I have inspired you to make the most of the RichWP framework and create the best grunge/vintage website on the net.  

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