How To: Create Custom Drop Down Menus In WordPress

A very useful WordPress feature is the Custom Menu Creator. Custom drop down menus can be displayed in your primary/secondary navigation as well as in the widget areas of your site. The following tutorial walks you through the process of creating a multi-level custom menu for your site.


Step 1:

Click on Appearance >> Menu in the WordPress dashboard.


Step 2:

Start adding items to your custom menu. You can add categories, pages, custom links to the same menu as shown in screenshots below:

Add custom link to WordPress menu.


Add category to WordPress Menu.


Add pages to WordPress Menu.


After adding all items to your custom menu it will look like this:


Step 3:

You can change the order of the menu items by “dragging and dropping” them.


Step 4:

To create hireacial drop down menus, drag the menu items to your right and you will notice how they snap into positions. See screenshot below:


This structure would create a drop-down menu with five items:


The RichWP FrameWork even allows you to insert more hierarchical levels into your navigation. The following screenshot shows a three-level navigation.

How to create a Drop Down Menu in WordPress


Remember to keep it simple.

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