How To Organize An Article – Headings, Subheadings, Images And Links

Organize your writing

With the latest updates that Google has put out, the category of blogging and content writing has become extremely important for conducting SEO for any website. The update in ranking and optimization algorithms has put more emphasis on the quality of the content (probably because of the large number of bots writing mechanized, meaningless articles) and Google will now pay attention to every detail, meaning that the organization of the article has to be absolutely impeccable. Here are some things that you definitely have to include in your articles so that they would meet the relevancy criteria that the most widely used search engine has put forward.


This is useful for both the SEO side and the psychological side of article writing. You want to keep your readers interested and have them read through to the end where they will click on the link, which is, basically, the whole point of the article. Headings provide a nice checkpoint for the readers, signifying when a paragraph (and, basically, an idea) is complete. This way, they will not get tired by the time they reach the end. Also, this provides a checkpoint for Google, as well, and it will allow it to scan through the article more easily.


Subheadings are a way to further explain the idea from the main heading and are used when there is more than one thing to explain. They give the readers the option to skip them, if they feel that that is not what they came for. However, the subheadings add to the relevancy and the overall appeal of the article, as they will explain the idea further. This is also a good sign for Google, because it will take a closer look at the article and, possibly, rank it better.


Nothing is a better attention-grabber that an interesting and amusing (perhaps puzzling?) image. Inserting an image here and there (every few paragraphs) will work towards keeping the readers focused on the content. Add a nice little caption, too, and you can be sure that they will go through to the end. Sometimes, people tend to get lost while reading, due to the lack of attention, which is exactly what this type of content helps with. Also, images can be considered as links and they also add to the relevancy of your article, as far as Google is concerned. Just make sure that you do not steal someone’s copyrighted image off the web, and you will be on the right path.


Links are the essence of your article – they are what content writing is all about. The point of content writing, as far as SEO is concerned, is to insert links to the client’s page in such a way that they seem relevant for the subject and the keywords selected. They will either drive the readers to the webpage, or help with increasing the webpage’s rating on Google. Either way, they should be regarded as the heart and soul of the article and you should pay extra care about where you place them. With the new updates, Google has revolutionized the way in which it treats links and has increased the strictness when deciding whether something is a relevant, a no-follow or an affiliate link. This means that your writing has to be adjusted to these new algorithms.


SEO content writing resides on some principles that have to be followed if you are to succeed either as a writer or as an SEO technician. Some of those principles are the way in which the content has to be organized and the general layout of the article. Writing one that includes a few headings (some subheadings, as well), some interesting images and, most of all, relevant links is something that you should strive to. Just keep this in mind and I’m sure that you will do great.

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