Inspiration: Best Gray Color Schemes

Recently, gray has been a popular color in the world of Web 2.0. This is because gray is a generally understated color with thousands of possibilities. In this article, I will be going over my favorite sites with a gray color scheme.



#1F1F1F #efefef #2a2b2c #1f1f1f

TweetDeck’ s webpage features an amazing color combination of light and dark grays. This combined with extremely simple fonts and content boxes makes this site the Web 2.o lover’s dream. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the buttons TweetDeck has decided to use on their site. This is because they offer light gradients which add a bit of “flare” to the buttons.



#444751 #E0E0E0 #FFFFFF

80/20 features dark grays and blacks for their monochrome masterpiece. These simple colors blend perfectly and definitely match the company’s style. When rolling over a product, the product’s image changes from monochrome to color. This transition makes the site look very clean and professional. I’m quite the fan of how 80/20 lays out their images. It reminds me of Microsoft’s “Metro” UI in Windows Phone 7.

Le Freebies

Le Freebies

#d1d2d6 #eeeff1 #c7c8cc #cdcdcd

Le Freebies features a a nice, light-gray gradient background. I’m a fan of this background as it features an elegant and understated feel while keeping the site exciting. The buttons on Le Freebies have a nice and subtle rollover effect which changes the button from a dark gray to a light gray.

 Effektive Design

Effektive Design

#fafafa #ef4124 #0f0f0f

Effektive Design features a neat orange and gray color scheme. While the background is a plain, light gray, the rest of the site is certainly unique. For instance,  all of the rollover effects for images and text are a bright orange. To me, this blends perfectly with the plain background, giving the site personality and flare.

Co-Op App

#dddddd #0e338e #ffffff #eaeaea

Co-Op combines a nice, light gray background with beautiful blue gradients to provide a clean, Web 2.0 feel. Co-Op also keeps their site simple by providing just enough info on the homepage, this is definitely a “plus” for any website. Finally, I’m a fan of how Co-Op rounds the edges of their content boxes. To me, this keeps the site looking clean yet interesting.

Thanks for taking a look at today’s RichWP blog post. I hope I’ve inspired you to create an amazing website by using the RichWP framework. Check back soon for more content!

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