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Outsourcing Contenr Creation For Free

How long have you been blogging now? How much money have you made? What are your monthly stats? What’s your most popular post?

You should hopefully have answers to all of these things. After all, your blog needs to grow if you’re going to generate any revenue from it, but eventually you’ll come to a point where your contributions won’t be enough to sustain things.

Rather, you’ll need to start bringing in new people and forming a team. We’ve previously looked at what you need to do to find a content producer for your blog, but this almost always requires an advertising fee and is more suitable for established blogs with a budget to spend on professional content.

If your blog is small, however, then you’ll need to find contributors that are affordable, in tune with your content. But how?

You Need Contributors – But Where Are They?

Let’s get things straight – you need to develop your blog with a new contributor. But you want to spend your limited resources on a good writer, NOT on advertising.

Considering that sites such as charge $30 to advertise, keeping this outlay and making sure you get the right contributor for your growing site makes sense.

The big problem with this, of course, is that many freelancers use’s jobs board, just as they might use or any of the others. Of these freelancers, many will be accomplished writers whose pay expectations are quite high, but you’ll find that there are many writers trying to find a website with which to break into their chosen career.

If you can afford to advertise, then you should. But if you can’t, there are alternatives…

Social Networks

I’ve had considerable success finding writers on Twitter who have ended up as contributors for my various blogs. The approach was simple – a call out asking for contributions that might be lead to regular, paid involvement with the site.

There are various advantages to using Twitter to find your writing team. To begin with, Twitter followers (and those on Facebook) are going to be reasonably tech-savvy, certainly enough to be able to cope with using WordPress, which is one obstacle out of the way.

Another is that as they are following your social networking account, they probably enjoy reading your updates and blog. The benefit here is obvious – you’ve engaged someone enough to follow you online, so they already have an emotional link with your work.

This is why hiring people through social networks is so easy.

Advertising On Your Site

Your other free option is to advertise on your website. This can have multiple benefits, directing readers to your contact page to submit their ideas for articles as well as drawing in potential new writers.

There are two ways you might do this. First, a simple post alerting readers to your interest in building a team. This can be complemented with a static page that explains what you’re looking for, along with a form for submitting an application. We’ve looked at various contact form plugins in the past, which will all provide you with the functionality you need for this.

Are They Right for Writing?

Once you have found your new contributors, you can start planning content. But before this you will need to be aware of what they can and cannot do. To begin with, can they write? If not, do they have abilities with graphics, perhaps for infographics?

You can check this quickly looking at any links that they send. If you hire via Twitter or Facebook, check their accounts and recent posts/comments to see how well they communicate their thoughts.

Most importantly, don’t leap onto the first contributor you find as an act of desperation at the expense of others. All should be given the same opportunity – if they’re able, the benefits will be obvious.

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