Showcase: Best “About Me” Pages

I had to come up with inspirational examples after my article – How To Write an Appealing ABOUT Page. Please be aware that this is not the list of top About Me pages on the Internet rather these should be considered as inspirational designs and concepts while preparing your own About Me page.


I like the simplicity of this page. Not-so-macho designer has presented himself in straight forward words with direct links to his social networking presence. Click around and you will feel the desire to have a word or two with him.


James has his life listed out on this page. He shows where he has been featured, what he does during day hours, whom he is married to and his three beautiful kids. He is one of the few dads who portray their kids as stars even when they are just four. This is one About Me page designed patiently.


Usually multinational companies have pretty boring about pages but then there are exceptions. Adi Dassler dreamt of making the best possible sport shoe back in 1920s. Adidas was the result and who doesn’t love it today? Check their about page which reflects the love the company has for its history and for its brand.


Google’s BlogSpot could be tagged as the platform that made blogging free but Tumblr turned blogging into an effortless journey. You can feel the numbers popping out of your screen when you visit their about page. Scroll down and you are greeted with the best words that media has written for them. The tiny FAQ and the ever rising traffic graph complete their page in style.

Andrew Reifman

It is very easy to create a flash based website and mess it up with all the flashy features. Andrew’s website reflects the simplicity that one must picture while using flash. His page reflects his witty characteristic along with his expertise in his niche. A Download CV link completes the introductory page.

Thread Bird

I have stumbled upon few blogs that have a team of writers working for them. In most cases they prefer not to give away much information about their writers for reasons unknown to me. I have always suggested such blogs to have an About Me page in line to what Thread Bird has. You are introduced with every member of their team when you scroll down the page and the information given away is just what you would want to read. Right sidebar has the links to obvious questions that the visitor might have.

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