The WordPress Theme Market 2017 – How to Make it Big in the WordPress Premium Theme Market

How to Make it in the Premium WordPress Theme market in 2017

“To be unable to see the forest for the trees.”

This little idiom is a pretty good summery of the state of the WordPress premium theme market in the beginning of 2017.

WordPress Church Theme Phenomenon

I am Felix Krusch and I am designing and developing WordPress Themes since 2004 and have been in the premium theme market with RichWP since 2009.

Once upon a time I noticed a funny thing in this industry. Somebody was publishing a WordPress church theme. There was nothing special about this theme. The layout and all its functionality has been known before, but a theme has never been marketed in such a small niche.

In the following month, even years there was a explosion in the wordpress church theme market. Check how many church themes are listed on theme forest alone, not to mention all the products from the independent theme shops.

What basically happened was, that the market got so saturated with good business themes that developers tried to market smaller niches. Now we have construction company themes, pottery maker themes and my favorite, the make up theme category.

In contrast we have the so called multi purpose themes, these are usually big builds, with feature lists longer than the grocery shopping list of a family with ten children to feed. Most of them move as slow as the when the toddler is pushing the shopping cart.

To somehow make a living selling your own premium themes in 2017 you will either have to create one theme, copy and rename it and create demos and sales copy for every imaginable niche out there, or you cramp your theme full of features, – the more bloated it gets – the better it will sell ;)

Alternatively you could try and innovate. Make something new, fast and well designed. Something that has not been seen yet …

Which way do you choose?

… RichWP will try all approaches … and WINS!

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