Three FREE Professional RichWP WordPress Themes – Rich Grid, Rich Master, Pop Up Shop

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We have three professional WordPress Themes for FREE – Just for you! The latest free release is the Rich Grid theme, it is a 3-column, “pinterest-style” theme. Then we have the mighty Rich Master theme. It is a straight out blogging theme. It is super practical and fast performing … and last but not least the POP UP SHOP theme. This one is a fully fletched WooCommerce theme to built your eCommerce empire upon. Its design elements are so versatile that you can use it in almost every market. You find the theme files, the installation instruction as well as the demo content here:

Rich Grid
Rich Master
Pop Up Shop

These themes are totally free, but the come with no support from me, and they do have a small credit link in the footer.

RICH GRID - Header Image

Rich Master - An Advanced WordPress Blog Theme

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