WordPress Calendar and Event Calendar Plugins

WordPress Calendar Plugin

As a WordPress blog owner you’ll know how easy it is to inform your readers about an upcoming event or special day. The problem is usually expecting them to remember it a few days later.

While you could feature the same news repeatedly, one good way around this is to take advantage of a WordPress calendar plugin, designed to help you keep track of dates and allow your readers to see what is going on, when.

Several useful plugins are available for WordPress, enabling you to setup a calendar on your blog and share important dates.

The following plugins can be used to easily incorporate a new or an existing calendar into your WordPress blog, ideal for helping you and your readers keep track of forthcoming events and plan new ones!

We just found a great list of WordPress Calendar and Event plugins here!


With a long history providing calendar software for websites, Localendar’s solution combines a full calendar experience with all of the tools that you need to integrate it into your blog and start using it right away.

Throw in the ability to merge calendars, include weather forecasts, assign custom event categories and more, the plugin comes complete with a support forum, wiki and its own homepage where you can signup free to create an account.

Find out more on the WordPress Plugins site.

Stout Google Calendar

If by any chance you’re already using Google Calendar then the Stout Google Calendar plugin might be the best solution for your needs.

This plugin adds support for multiple calendars and integration into your WordPress site. If you have been linking to a public Google Calendar from your blog this plugin saves the reader having to go elsewhere to view it – it’s all dealt with in your blog, either as a sidebar widget, in a post or in a page.

Colours, size and display settings can all be adjusted as per your preference.

My Calendar

Providing full integration with WordPress, adding information to My Calendar is as easy as adding a new post to your blog.

Offering a choice of grid or list views, with dates organized into monthly, weekly or daily, the plugin also offers a mini-calendar for compact themes and a range of widgets. If integration into your current theme is an important requirement the plugin comes with several themes and editable CSS and JavaScript.

On top of this, My Calendar also offers nine fields of data for each event and email notifications.

Ajax Event Calendar

If you would rather use a calendar plugin that will allow your readers to add their own events, then Ajax Event Calendar (free from the WordPress Plugins page) should be your first choice.

Available as a Dashboard item once installed, access to this calendar can be given to registered users on your blog where events can be added. Fields for dates, times, repetition, venues, event types, descriptions and other relevant information are all provided, while various colour styling options are possible. Several shortcodes are provided with this plugin to enable integration into your blog posts, pages or sidebars.

All-in-One Event Calendar

Potentially the most feature-packed calendar solution for WordPress, All-in-One Event Calendar is designed to allow easy sharing of events via the then.ly service.

With multiple views, a wide range of options and even SEO optimization, new events can be created in the WordPress Dashboard and shared as full page calendars, smaller sidebar widgets and even sent to Google Calendar, Apple iCal and MS Outlook thanks to the plugin’s .ICS compatibility. As an extra useful bonus, the plugin also has Google Maps integration for displaying event locations and events from other calendars can easily be imported.

What Should You Look for In a Calendar Plugin?

It’s all very well having a basic tool that displays dates in a grid, calendar style – but is that what you really want? Is this the most effective execution of a calendar plugin?

After all, online calendar services are extremely popular, available from Google, Microsoft and Apple. While there are several formats in use the iCalendar (.ICS) file type is easily accessed from a variety of different applications and devices, making it particularly useful for a task like this.

More WordPress Calendar Plugins

Whichever solution you choose, make sure it is the right one for your purpose, and for your blog!

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