Choosing the Best WordPress Contact Form Plugin for Your Blog

Generating feedback from your readers usually involves polls and comments on your blog posts, but from time to time they might wish to contact you personally. For instance, they might have a suggestion for article content on the site, or – if you run a news-based website – a tip-off might be left by a helpful visitor.

Tricky to code by hand, forms are potentially very powerful so it should come as no surprise to learn that there are several very good contact form plugins that you can install on your WordPress website.

While they are all capable of doing much more, the following “top five” have been tested to see how they fare with the basic task of creating a standard email contact form.

Easy Contact Forms

Making the creation of contact forms for your website simple – rather than forcing you to rely on HTML or PHP – is the aim of all of these plugins. Easy Contact Forms has plenty of options for creating custom email fields and much more.

Despite the name, however, this plugin isn’t easy to use. While the ability to construct a form might have been beautifully streamlined, the labelling applied to the various form components is pretty obscure in some cases.

Additionally, claims to be “template ready” are wide of the mark. Creating a simple email contact form with this plugin proved challenging, not an experience I would want to endure again in a hurry. However the plugin has plenty of options to be of use in other ways. You can find out more on the WordPress plugin site.

Contact Form 7

Providing tools to manage as many contact forms as you need, Contact Form 7 enables you to easily customize your forms and adds CAPTCHA and Akismet spam filtering support.

But how easy does it make setting up a basic email form?

Well, little work is required for creating this type of form as everything is provided. All you need to do is copy the shortcode into your page or post and the form is ready to use. However there are plenty of ways in which you can edit the form by changing wording and adding markup, while many different form types can be created. Forms with uploads, radio buttons and checkboxes can all be added, enabling the flexibility to add any type of form to your website. CAPTCHA is enables by installing the Really Simple Captcha plugin.

Full details can be found at

Fast Secure Contact Form

As options go, you’ll barely find more in one place than you will in the settings view for Fast Secure Contact Form.

Like Contact Form 7, a set of basic email contact fields are provided by default with this plugin, so once again it is simply a case of pasting the shortcode and leaving it to its own devices.

However there are many options that can be used to enhance this plugin, beside the obligatory CAPTCHAs and anti-spam tools. An interesting feature is the option to provide an alternative means of contact beyond email in the form of a webcam chat or phone call. This taps into the vCita service for scheduling web-based meetings, and is a great way to bring customers and clients closer!

Further details on this plugin can be found by checking the WordPress plugin page.

Contact Form

On first impressions, the settings for this plugin might give the impression that it is very basic. While Contact Form doesn’t have the same range of options as some of the others in this list, it is far and away the simplest, but it also has some tricks up its sleeve.

Using the shortcode and a drop-down menu of contributors, editors, authors and administrators of your WordPress blog, you can easily select the intended recipient for the submitted message. There is also a field to enter an alternative, preferred email address.

In addition to the standard fields, Contact Form also provides the ability to upload attachments, attach sender IP information and even edit the form fields.

Find further details about Contact Form by visiting the WordPress plugin site, where you can also find screenshots.

Custom Contact Forms

Claiming to be more customizable than both Fast Secure Contact Form and Contact Form 7, this plugin is arguably better presented than either, offering good background to each of the options that can be used and a small tutorial.

Feature-packed and with a selection of tabs to easily find specific options, Custom Contact Forms also includes CSS styling tools, a bug report feature and many fixed and configurable fields for you to construct complex and basic contact forms. The most basic form type is already set up by default, and includes a CAPTCHA test. Details and an FAQ can be found as usual in the WordPress plugin index.

Form Maker

Form Maker is powerful and functional tool for the owners of websites. With the functionality and ease of use of this plugin can be compared just a few plugins. It have a user-friendly interface, that allow you easily and quickly add the form from admin panel. The form includes 10 main elements for creating a new form: Custom HTML, Text Input, Time and Date, Select, Checkbox, Radio, File upload*, Captcha, Map*, Buttons

The Form Maker plugin can be used for creating contact, mailing list, survey, application, event registration and party invitation forms.

You can download Form Maker from the official WordPress Plugin Directory. For extended funcionality, check out the PRO version of From Maker.

Plenty of Great Plugins!

There is barely a dearth of contact form options, but thanks to the efforts of the developers of these examples, there are plenty of good contact form plugins for WordPress users to choose from.

Most impressive, perhaps, is Contact Form 7, but all of these options are recommended.

The question is – did we miss any? Do you use a contact form solution that isn’t listed here? Or do you use contact form plugins in an interesting way?

Let us know!

19 thoughts on “Choosing the Best WordPress Contact Form Plugin for Your Blog”

  1. Hi all, I too am using Contact Form 7.

    My settings:
    1) To send I installed the plugin WP-Mail-SMTP and configured:
    – From Email:
    – From Name:
    – Mailer: Send all WordPress emails via SMTP .
    – SMTP Host: [my internal SMTP service]
    – SMTP Port: 25
    – Encryption: No encryption .
    – Authentication: No: Do not use SMTP authentication .

    I made ​​a test using the form for this test and mail arrives correctly .

    2) I have configured my FORM of Contact Form 7 and everything is working correctly, because, as I have entered is specified in the “To:” and in the “From:” the same email as above, ie

    Performed a test, sending succeeds.

    I tried, however, to allow multiple selection of the recipient:
    [select * recipient
    “Technical Support |
    “Commercial |
    “General |
    “Administrative support |

    and set the two fields fields:
    – “TO:” -> [your recipient]
    – “FROM”: – > [your-name]

    Sending does not work anymore: this is because the field “To:” FORM is different from the “From Email:” in the configuration.

    I would like to avoid creating 4 contact blocks, you have any suggestions?

    The site will be published through my local server made ​​with Wampserver.
    Maybe instead of sending STMP should I use the PHPMailer class?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  2. Contact Form Plugins can be a real resource hog. In general, the more features it has, the more bandwidth it takes up. Any suggestion for light weight contact forms for those that don’t need extra bells and whistles?

  3. Thx for posting this list. I am looking for one that allows customization of the form HTML: custom form post URL, hidden fields, etc. Do any on this list fit the bill for that? Thx much

  4. Hi Felix old friend…I know you’re doing great!

    Here is a quick one: I am setting up a pre-launch page for a project that is about to get completed soon. I need to provide for users to sign-up for emails/newsletters. No more at this stage. What exactly am I looking for?


  5. I personally like easy contact form due to its simplicity. But can we have some form which can be used for more complex tasks as asking the visitors to submit there quotes to their friends etc instead of contacting us? thanks

  6. I’ve been using Contact Form 7 for ages, and has never let me down. I can definitely vouch for it being a great plugin. Very easy to use contact form plugin.

    1. I used Contact Form 7 and I hated it because it is hard to customize just the way I like it. As long as you don’t need to skin it, it is a breeze, though.

  7. Thanks for the article. After discovering a conflict with an events calendar plugin’s plugin (yeah, that’s not a typo) and cforms II, I had to go looking for a new contact form. I don’t know why this always happens – I find reviews, pick what seems to be the best or most recommended and it fails. The next one and the next one and every one I try continues to fail until I get to the last option and that one finally works.

    Or maybe it’s just that I am so tired and frustrated with the configuring and styling and setting up of the previous 4 plugins that the last one is just good enough for who it’s for (me).

    So, the fifth one is the charm. Fast Secure Contact Form was actually easier to configure than a couple of others and the styling out of the box is very nice. The ones with the most options and features are the ugliest and take way more work than necessary for a contact form.

    But your article did allow me to pare my choices down and I appreciate it. Now, why don’t you tell us which contact plugin this site is using. It isn’t one of these. ;)

    Thanks, Jim

    1. Hi Jim, thanx for your comment. On this site I actually don’t use any contact form plugin. A simple “mailto” link and letting customers know my skype handle does the trick. On some other sites I use “Contact Form 7”. I haven’t discovered any compatibility issues with it, yet.

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