WordPress Podcasting Plugins

Podcasting Plugins

Does your blog have a podcast? Perhaps you run a podcast but don’t have a website and are considering WordPress as a platform for this?

There are many useful plugins that you can install on a WordPress blog that will enable you to host your podcast, embed a podcast player, create an RSS feed for readers to subscribe to and even provide useful statistics to let you know how well your podcast is being received.

The following tools are among the best available for WordPress and can be used to configure a feed URL, provide the correct attributes for iTunes and much more!


The automatic choice for many, PodPress is a highly-regarded solution that enables you to easily specify the file path of your podcast (useful if it is hosted elsewhere), duration and file size, as well as add a logo for the recording that will appear in the feed and on iTunes.

ITunes settings are detailed, with PodPress enabling you to provide subtitles, categories, keywords, and other items, while settings for general feeds (those other than iTunes) are also provided. PodPress also enables you to specify which WordPress category the podcast update should be published in. Using the PodPress plugin is simple – it provides an additional field in the Posts > Add New screen, and when published will allow you to embed the feed in the post if required (configuration options are available, as are sidebar player widgets). If you don’t want to do this, don’t worry as once the file is added to the post it will appear in the podcast feed.

The statistics tool provided in PodPress will enable you to see how many podcasts were downloaded and listened to in the embedded feed, and the plugin can be found at the WordPress plugins page.

Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting Plugin

Offering a similar wealth of options, Blubrry offers full iTunes support, embeddable audio players and tools that will enable you to import your podcasts from other plugins such as PodPress.

Pretty much every popular audio format is supported in this option, along with support for iTunes artwork and a choice of six embeddable audio players.

Where Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting Plugin differs markedly from PodPress is in its provision of embedding features, enabling your readers to share the podcast on their own websites or blogs!

PowerPress Posts From MySQL

While not a full podcasting plugin, PowerPress Posts From MySQL is an add-on for Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting Plugin that adds existing podcasts from a directory on your web server to individual posts on your WordPress blog.

This is a plugin that requires a lot of configuration (database information, etc.) and you can specify a range of items or just import a single podcast file.

Head to the WordPress plugins page to find out more.


If your podcasting is hosted by a dedicated service, you can easily use this with Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting Plugin and PodPress. However, you might feel that they are a little more complicated for what you require.

You shouldn’t worry about this, however, particularly if you are using Buzzsprout hosting for your podcasts. The popular host has provided a dedicated WordPress plugin that will make it extremely easy for you to display your podcasts on your WordPress blog with little or no technical ability.

You’ll find the Buzzsprout plugin on the WordPress plugins site – it offers an easy-to-use interface that enables painless inclusion of your latest podcast recordings into new posts on your blog.

Podcasting the WordPress Way

If you’re happy keeping your podcast away from a regular blog, there is no immediate requirement to change this. However, there is a wealth of advantages (and even opportunities) for you to consider if you do decide to take the plunge.

Do you host your podcast on your WordPress blog? Which plugin are you using? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Hi Chris,
    Can I get your help and advice?

    I’ve a few questions:
    1. Were can I go for a trusted designer to put up my podcast website, using WP?

    2. Should I consider Fiverr, Elance or the like?

    3. How much would it cost, roughly?

    I’ve been around the block with TheDesignGuys and not happy with what they did not do
    for nearly 6-months.

    I could sure use your advise. I just want to get a nice site up whereby I can
    show and tell the folks I’m hosting how cool I’d be to grab an interview from them.
    Or should all of this be done without a website and just on iTunes or facebook?

    I’m new at all this.

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