Custom WordPress Sidebars – Different Sidebars on Different Pages

Need More Control of Your WordPress Sidebar? The RichWP Premium WordPress Themes fortunately come with lots of widget space and allows using a single or split column left and/or right sidebar, along with room for four more along the bottom. However, there are times when you need different sidebars on different pages. To accomplish this task we will utilize a Multiple Sidebars Plugin named Custom Sidebars.

Installing Custom Sidebars

Log into your WP Dashboard, go to Plugins and click Add New. Type Custom Sidebars into the search box. The Custom Sidebars plugin by marquex should be one of the top picks. Follow directions, and be sure to activate it after it is done installing.

Using Custom Sidebars

It is remarkably easy, something we all like. In the Dashboard, go to Appearance, and you will see Custom Sidebars. From here under Replaceable Sidebars you simply choose the already existing sidebars that you wish to replace, a shift click enables you to choose more than one. Be sure to click save changes. Then we move just to the right under New Sidebar and give a new name and description (it requires both). I named one Legislative which you will see in the next screen shot. After you click Create Sidebar you can hop over to Widgets in you Dashboard also under Appearance.

You can now add any widget you please to your new sidebar (mine is Legislative). Notice the default RichWP sidebars are stacked just below the newly created ones.

Final Step

Go to the page that needs a different sidebar and be sure to choose the proper page template of your choosing. I used Right sidebar. Then just below that you will see the side bar available for replacement and a dropdown menu which will have the new sidebar you created. Pick it, update, and done! That’s it, now you can have different sidedars/widgets on whatever page you want.

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