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Showcase: Best “About Me” Pages

I had to come up with inspirational examples after my article – How To Write an Appealing ABOUT Page. Please be aware that this is not the list of top About Me pages on the Internet rather these should be considered as inspirational designs and concepts while preparing your own About Me page.


I like the simplicity of this page. Not-so-macho designer has presented himself in straight forward words with direct links to his social networking presence. Click around and you will feel the desire to have a Read More …

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How To Write an Appealing ABOUT Page

I wanted to use the title “About ABOUT Page” but had to control myself. I want the readers of the RichWP Blog to come back for rich content and not for humorous tag lines. No worries, I am from the league of smart ass WordPress heroes and I will continue to give a touch of humor to my articles.

Well, did you notice what I just did? I praised myself without overdoing it. I proved how important it was for me to write rich content with the touch of amusement. Balance is the word!

Explain thoroughly everything that your visitor Read More …

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