Understanding Writing Commissions

Quality Content Writing

From time to time, I take writing commissions, and this is like taking art commissions in a sense. To me, taking writing commissions has a much more relaxed air to it than professional freelance work does. But no matter what … Read More

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Opening and Organizing a Blog Store

Blog Store

There’s nothing like your own, and being the boss over how you make your money is always the ideal. Owning a blog shop can be an arduous task, but it can ultimately be very rewarding. Yes, like many things, but … Read More

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Writers, Make Your Portfolio!


When you hear the word “portfolio”, you think of the visually dominated world, as “portfolio” usually go towards things that are in the form of pictures, coded, or animated creations. But for writers, you can still create your portfolio, your … Read More

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Identifying and Easing Your Stress

Easing Stress

Stress gets to the best and worst of us. It happens in the prime of life, and it can definitely happen towards the final stretch. No matter how ‘good’ you may have it, stress can still mentally rough you up … Read More

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